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.hack//sign Wallpaper: Subaru and Tsukasa

I'm hotlinking this from my The Otaku account, so hopefully I won't get in trouble for it. xD Imageshack is really unreliable nowadays for some reason. :/ But anywho, this wallpaper was really just me testing out my new brushes, so feel free to critique, but keep in mind that I didn't try very hard to find decent renders and such. But if you like it, that's also great. :D

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They're just variations of the same thing (laziness for the win!), but I hope you like them.  I haven't done anything in a while, so I figured I'd post.  If for whatever reason the images don't show up (Image Shack can be a buttface), here is the album: [here] They're not watermarked because I was too lazy/forgot to do it trust you guys and know you will all give me credit. :D

This will probably be my last update of the year (haha...bad joke 'cause it's probably true).  I'm thinking of making a new livejournal...I know, I know.  This is/was my 2nd one but I'm getting bored.  Plus I really hate my username now. xD I hope you enjoy these though.... (If I decide to make a new journal, I'll update it...I'm also thinking of making a  Wordpress..not for graphics, but just because I want a blog like I used to.)
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(LYRICS) "Seize the Day" - Dorothy Hayden

(By a local artist, so the lyrics aren't available. I transcribed this myself- even though I should keep this on private, maybe a fan of Dorothy will come across this and appreciate it.)

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Happy Holidays!

I realize I haven't been updating, but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year.  For those who celebrate Hanukkah, I'm sorry I missed you!  However, I hope your holiday was great as well.  In the current economic state, it might be hard to get presents for everyone, but just know that things will always get better if you have people you love and care for by your side.

Thank you for taking your time to read this message.  And again, have a beautiful time with your friends and family this holiday!

I was feeling lazy, so I did not create a table of icons. Instead, you can go directly to the album the stuff is in. For the cupcakes, I just searched "cupcake" on Google images, and for the Halloween sweets and decorations, I got it off this website called Hostess. The wallpaper was made from scratch. It's not really a wallpaper, just a background. (You can use it as a base- feel free to edit it as much as you want.) I made it last minute, so use it however you like. (^o^) For those who are not very creative, I came up with four different examples to use the wallpaper as a background.~  Please remember to comment if you take anything!

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I had been working on these for a while, but I never had time to finish them.  I was hoping to have a whole bunch, but school has been really stressful.  I may have to drop a class. (>__<) If any of the images refuse to show up, then try going directly to the album.  Some of these turned out really well, while others...err...did not do so well.  All of them are a-okay for LiveJournal use except for 8 and 9.  I was going to compress the file size, but I was too lazy to do so.  Although, I hope you can find some use for them anyway. (^o^)

I am not affiliated with Mitsuo Fukuda, Sunrise, or Bandai Entertainment.
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2 J-Rock Wallpapers: Saga & Bou

I made two Japanese rock band wallpapers. (Woo!) One is featuring alice nine.'s Saga with a dog (do not know the dog's name O__O) and the other one is an ex-member of An Cafe, Bou! I have been trying out some new styles lately, and this was the product! The render of Bou I got from a member's only website, but it is still in my Resources section if you want to check it out. The render of Saga and the dog I had to do myself, which was pretty difficult because I have never done it using pictures of real people. (>__<)

I am not affiliated with アンティック-珈琲店-, LOOP ASH Records,  アリス九號。or PS Company in any way.
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GIMP: Mosaic Effect

Tutorial Type: Filters/Special Effects for Images
Program: GIMP 2.6.2
Steps: 3-4
Difficulty: EASY
Translatable: Yes
Summary: GIMP already has its own "mosaic effect" (Filters>>Distorts>>Mosaic), but I find their version very ugly.  I think this one is much prettier.  This tutorial is very handy, because you can pretty much use it for anything- icons, wallpapers, banners, or whatever you want.
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~Give Chiru Credit!My first update of the year 2009!!  Yay!  The reason for my lack of updates is that my laptop broke, which had all my graphics on it (and I did not save it anywhere else).  All the icons you see here are brand new!  I have been making a few each day and doing my best to give you guys great quality icons- which is hard to do, when your only source of official pictures are online manga and hand made screen shots of the episodes. (-___-) I tried to do at least one icon of each main character (the Axis and Allied Powers).  Additionally, I attempted to figure out which characters seemed most popular, and made icons of them, too.  I actually only meant to make twenty, but then I realized I did not make any of Japan by himself.  And in the end, he only got one for himself. (laugh) My personal favorites would have to be 1, 9, 23, and 25.  (^o^) As always, please comment me if you intend to use them.

I am not affiliated with Gentosha, Studio Deen, or Hidekaz Himaruya in any way.
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I decided to try something new, so I thought, "Why not try making icon bases?"  "Last Friends" is my favorite Asian drama right now, so I figured it would be a good idea to make bases out of it. (Plus, it just came out this year, so I figured most people know about it.) There are 50 bases, a couple from each episode.  Since these are bases and not actual icons, it's unnecessary to credit me. (Just don't claim them as your own.  I had to edit the quality and lighting for all the pictures to make them useable.) However, you should still comment if you plan on taking any. 

I am not affiliated with Nakano Toshiyuki, Asano Taeko, or Fuji TV in any way.
**May Contain Spoilers**