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They're just variations of the same thing (laziness for the win!), but I hope you like them.  I haven't done anything in a while, so I figured I'd post.  If for whatever reason the images don't show up (Image Shack can be a buttface), here is the album: [here] They're not watermarked because I was too lazy/forgot to do it trust you guys and know you will all give me credit. :D

This will probably be my last update of the year (haha...bad joke 'cause it's probably true).  I'm thinking of making a new livejournal...I know, I know.  This is/was my 2nd one but I'm getting bored.  Plus I really hate my username now. xD I hope you enjoy these though.... (If I decide to make a new journal, I'll update it...I'm also thinking of making a  Wordpress..not for graphics, but just because I want a blog like I used to.)


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Sep. 10th, 2011 07:40 am (UTC)
These are really great! I love Yuna.
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