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25 KAT-TUN Icons

~Give Chiru Credit!This is the first batch of icons for this livejournal.  The icons numbered 1-17 are new (as in I made them around this week) and the rest are old (as in they were probably made by me years ago).  As for the new ones, I worked really hard, so I hope you enjoy them. (>__<) Please remember to comment if you take anything! [P.S.] Also check out my resource post if you are curious to know where I get my graphics design stuff.

I am not affiliated with Johnny's Entertainment or KAT-TUN in any way.
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This post contains all the websites that I get my stuff from. (Such as brushes, textures, bases, etc.) Feel free to look through it. Also, if you know any good sites for resources, please post them. I could always use more. (≧▽≦)
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